Game Schedule

This is a great time to get involved with the domain of Atlanta!  Please see our calendar for the next game date!

Workshops on prop-making, approvals, and gameplay are coming in the future.  Get plugged into the local mailing lists for the latest news.

"Black Dog of the Camarilla" is a collection of LARPs (short for "Live Action Role Play" games) in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our games utilize the World of Darkness settings produced by White Wolf Studios.  Our games are also part of a larger organization called the Mind's Eye Society, which links players and games across the nation and around the world.

Venues: This page will introduce you to the different games we play, with links to expanded information on other sites.

Domain Officers: Look here for information on who to contact with questions and comments.  Anyone listed on this page is expressly there for the purpose of helping you!

Calendar: Our Google Calendar will give you dates, times, and locations for our games.

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