• The City of Atlanta is a fallen empire.

    The once strong covenants that ruled the rise of Atlanta as a hub of the Southeast were overthrown by sedition, arrogance, and aggressive outsiders. The Sanctified and the Invictus ruled the rich and poor alike, dominating the city’s society at all levels. But modernization brought hope to the herd and a few enterprising licks turned on their own in a bid for power.

    The aftermath was swift and predictable. Over the course of ten years, the Kindred population of Atlanta was nearly destroyed.

    Now, past the apocalyptic milestone of 2012, the last few kindred walk the city in fear and wonder if the Apocalypse happened and they were simply the left behind. 

    On June 11, 2015 Sara Kuar, Elder Acolyte took Praxis of the Jewel of the South in a bloodless ascension to the throne. She closed the city's borders to all outsiders for the duration of a year while the remnants of the citizenship pulled together to secure their foothold back in the city. 

    On June 11, 2016 the city of Atlanta threw open her doors to celebrate the one year anniversary of Prince Kuar's reign, and the reopening of the city to visitors, and establishing The Laws.
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