The following paragraphs offer a small taste of the different venues and games we play.  For more information about our venues, please follow the associated links to our wiki pages.

For more information about the settings of the games, and the mechanics, please check out White Wolf's World of Darkness books, available in fine retailers and online.

Current Venues

Casablanca Triumverate (Vampire: the Masquerade -- Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance)
  • 1st Saturdays, 7 PM
  • Atlanta. Description TBA
  • Downtime Form
    • Due 3rd Sunday of the Month

Frontlines of Atlanta (Werewolf: the Apocalypse)
  • 1st Saturdays, 1 PM
  • Atlanta, Description TBA
  • Downtime Form
    • Due 3rd Sunday of the Month
Space (nWoD Zoo)
  • 2nd Saturdays, 1 PM

The Trickster's Shrine (Vampire: The Masquerade -- Sabbat)
  • 2nd Saturdays, 7 PM
  • Atlanta, The abyss has cast a shadow of the city of Athens and their worshippers turn this territory from a stronghold into a nightmare.
  • Downtime Form
    • Due 4th Sunday of the Month

Interested in Other Games and Venues?
  • In addition, we offer support for players who wish to participate in other venues, such as the Accord, Requiem or even Changeling: the Lost.  Please contact our Domain Storyteller, Ryan M., at ( for details on how to get involved.