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  • Atlanta. Jewel of the South. A Camarilla stronghold that is ruled by a just and fair Prince...or at least that is what everyone is told. Within the ivory tower of this city, there are cracks and fissures as the weight of power and tradition shift. What happens within the city is held close by its denizens as if by the tradition of Sub Rosa.
  • The wiki for our local game can be found here.

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Game Details:

Games are played on the 1st Saturday of each month.  Please check the Calendar for specific time and location.

How do I Join?

Easy, just go here!

Where can I find the VSS?

Right here!

Where can I find information about the Camarilla/Anarch Chronicle in the MES?

The addendum can be found here!

Links to the setting guide, clan guides, and much more can be found right here!

This looks great, where can I purchase the rule book?

PDF and Print on Demand copies of the rule book can be purchased at DriveThruRPG.