Venue Style Sheet for Atlanta

GA-010-Black Dog of the Camarilla

Title: Atlanta Sub Rosa

Genre: Masquerade
Venue: Camarilla
VST: Daniel Fruchterman
Game Location: Georgia Rib Company
Game Dates: First Saturday of each month check-in 6-7, game start 7.

VSS Ratings

Style of Play Description Rating
Action: Combat and Challenges 2
Character Development: Personal dilemmas and choices 5
Darkness: Corruption or Moral challenges 4
Death: PC Death 2
Drama: Ceremony and grand emotional engagement 4
Intrigue: Politics and negotiation 4
Manners: Social etiquette and peer pressure 4
Mystery: Enigmas and investigation 2
Pace: How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve? 2-3
Scale: How big is the impact of the story? 2-3

  1. No content of this type
  2. Minimal (usually player introduced)
  3. Occasional
  4. Consistent
  5.  Focus of the Game


The Camarilla live action game for the domain of Atlanta. This game is primarily player driven with optional plot that may be sought out. The goal of the game is to have fun and focus on a stalwart Camarilla city with intense internal politics.


Atlanta. Jewel of the South. A Camarilla stronghold that is ruled by a just and fair Prince. Or at least that is what everyone is told. Within the ivory tower of this city, there are cracks and fissures as the weight of power and tradition shift. What happens within the city is held close by its denizens as if by the tradition of Sub Rosa.

Theme and Mood

This will primarily be player driven within the primary game itself. Should players spin off to side tables to engage in storyteller driven plot, the theme will be slightly dark horror and the mood slightly scary.

Feeding & Domain (part one)

If you do not talk to a storyteller and engage in feeding, your character is at half blood pool with 1 extra point of blood for each herd background or appropriate Influence expenditure. This applies to visiting player characters.

The more detailed explanation of Feeding and Domain is at the end of the document.


Influences will be handled by the Venue storyteller and be used as a method for introducing storyteller generated plot. A higher number of non player character influence users will be evident and tear down self perpetuating empires. In general, if you put experience points into Influence, the NPC influence users will not attack part the level purchased.

Storyteller Role

A large amount of the domain players have asked for the ability to not engage in storyteller generated plot. For these players, the function of the storyteller is to help in the resolution of challenges. The storyteller driven plot will allow, if possible, an out of character opt out. However, it should be noted that there is a risk reward system for engaging storyteller plot both in terms of better feeding and experience. For the player that wishes no storyteller plot, they may ameliorate the entire feeding with the purchase using character points of Herd (5) and Health Influence (5). The experience may be resolved through attendance of other domain games and downtime submissions.

Playing Elders

Playing an Elder is a privilege not a right regardless of membership class. You are expected to cooperate with the Storyteller when portraying an elder concept in the Atlanta Camarilla Venue. Failure to do so may result in being unable to portray elder concepts in the future,loss of experience points and other disciplinary actions. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy please speak with the storyteller.

Demographically, the domain is hoping for less than 40% Elder population and a 90% focus on the core seven Camarilla clans. This will be domain player regulated.

Player Advisory

The World of Darkness is not a happy place. From time to time, the Storytellers may use adult themes, vivid descriptions, and contentious social issues to bring the World of Darkness to life. For those familiar with the White Wolf tabletop material, some plot elements or themes could be considered "Black Dog" material. Such themes and issues may include racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, sexual assault, and extreme violence. If, at any time, a player feels uncomfortable with a scene, the player should immediately inform the Storyteller running the scene. If no storyteller or coordinator is present, a code phrase of 'Sub Rosa' with the other players present to let them know of discomfort. The Storyteller and players will either tone down the scene so that the player is once again comfortable participating in it, or will excuse the player from the scene and hand the PC to a Narrator or other designated representative to finish out the scene without breaking continuity.

Visiting Player Guidelines

Traveling visitors are requested to submit their character sheets with appropriate signatures and approvals 3 days prior to the game in order to receive guaranteed review and approval.  Three days advanced notice is requested but not required to allow for a more seamless and timely check-in process. Paperwork submitted within the three days of game will be left to the discretion of the storyteller staff for admittance to the game. The storyteller staff always reserves the right to deny abusive concepts, cross venue play or specific genre imbalancing items.

Players whose characters wish to participate in the Atlanta Domain Camarilla games via supernatural means (e.g. Possession, Psychic Projection, etc.) must agree to place their character’s body under the jurisdiction of the Venue storyteller, and agree to place their character’s body within the out of character geographical boundaries of the Atlanta Camarilla venue.

Travel Risks

Minimal in character travel risks besides what player characters impose. Feeding is handled per above guidelines.


In order to proxy you must give a 5 day notice to the VST and DST with your intention to proxy. You must include:
Name, Member Number, Your storyteller's name and contact information.
Full Character sheet XP log and any approval numbers.
Description of your character, motivations, and role playing quirks if any
Detailed description of what you hope to accomplish during your proxy
Details about feeding and any haven accommodations you make while present if applicable.

Characters submitted within 5 days of the game will be left to the discretion of the storyteller staff for admittance to the game. Five days advanced notice is requested but not required to allow for a more seamless and timely proxy process.

Experience Guidelines

Standard of 4xp per game, plus 4xp per month may be earned through approved downtime submissions.

Feeding & Domain (part two)

This game is going to tie domain and feeding together. The Prince & Court decides who has access to what areas, whether there is a rack and sets policy. The entire Atlanta domain has a number of parcels. This parcel gets a value of blood that can be cultivated easily. And then more effort to pull more from a parcel. In addition, some people will be short blood. They can hunt, use herd, influence and set down time actions to make up the difference.

Feeding Mechanics:

1. Start everyone at half blood pool. For purposes of this discussion, we can assume that the majority of players will have 10-15 blood pool maximum. With 7th Generation having 20. Weighing averages, we will be about 14 blood average. This means on average a player needs 5 to 10 blood for feeding. Assuming we have 40 players, we need about 280 blood for a game. Let's call it 300 (we have a lot of elders). Create Domain parcels that provide about 200 blood (number to be adjusted as game progresses).
2. Ignore Influence and Herd for now. Influence and Herd work normally after these feeding mechanics and add afterward.
3. The Prince & Court have given out parcels to player characters. These characters can 'freely' feed up to an amount in each parcel. Some characters will be short... they can either Feed or go to game low. Once the parcels are pretty set, it will be easy to calculate how much blood you have available.
4. Parcels can be improved and degraded with character actions.

Let's give a practical example using Tim, Brad and Pete. Pretending that they are each playing a Tremere with 14, 15 and 20 blood pools respectively. Tim is Tremere X, Brad is Tremere Y and Pete is Tremere Z. We will also assume as Tremere they have no Herd and no useful Influence having dumped all of their points into traits, disciplines and humanity (yeah right).

Each is at half blood (round in players favor) so X has 7, Y has 8 and Z has 10. They are hungry and knowing that Tremere are hated and mistrusted they want to fill their tanks.

Tremere Y is the Primogen. Having lobbied the Prince, they got the domains of Marietta, Kennesaw and Indian Hills. Coming to me, they look up on the domain chart and see that Marietta provides 5, 7 and 8 easily. They decide not to share with the rest of the chantry and split it up. Z gets 10, Y gets 7 and poor X gets 3. X decides to pull more from the Marietta area and makes some feeding challenges. I put a mark to Marietta (prolonged over feeding degrades an area.) X gets another 5 out. He decides to bag 2 into Blood Beads and call it a night.

Next month, in a down time action, Mike's Gangrel F decided to completely screw over Marietta. He went on a mad feeding frenzy, started a minor gang war and set a few buildings on fire. The Tremere did not protect the domain with any actions and Gangrel F won challenges to avoid being caught, identified or stopped.  When Tremere X, Y and Z come in, they find that Marietta provides 0 blood and is now a black parcel. The Tremere that game hire Ryan's Malkavian B to fix the parcel. He uses influence, dominate and streetwise to really calm the fears of the people and return it to a normal blood producing domain.